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10 months ago

Slow upload speed but good download speed with MB8600

I have a Motorola MB8600 with 8600-19.3.15 as the current version - My internet package is 500Mbps down and 50Mbps up. I'm getting the download speeds but my upload speed is definitely being throttled....when I do a test the speed jumps up to ~45 and shoves itself back down to around ~10-12. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Same, I have 250down/25up and my uploads consistently drop to 2mbps or worse during the late afternoon, and it persists through the night. Today it dropped down to a whole 0.5mbps. I know it's not my equipment because it starts around the same time every day. Hot garbage.

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    I know many have already read my rant on the MB8600 but - it's NOT a Motorola Modem. It's a ZOOM modem, zoom leased then purchased the Motorola NAME ONLY, and slapped it on their 4rth rate equipment. I would never use one, NOR would I even give one to my enemy, they are alkready mad at me. It's not a 2nd rate, or 3rd rate modem it's worse. People all over the internet are writing tales of woe concerning these devices. RUN, and get an Arris, (The company that actually bought Motorola Mobility and all the hardware/software patents and all), or a Netgear.