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4 years ago

Single Port Forwarding?

I am new to Cox, but have seen in these forums that port forwarding in general is a problem. Texting with Cox on the subject immediately brought us a paid subscription to COX Complete Care. What I need to do I have done in the past with industry standard routers as standard features with the hardware. Note sure why Cox is different with the panoramic WiFi. I need to create two single port forwarding rules for an IP address of one of my devices.

Public port to Private Port
21326 >> 8887
21325 >> 80

Can this be done without a subscription or do I need to replace the Cox WiFi box?

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        About six weeks ago, September 18th to be exact, I was able to port forward via the site. Since then attempting to access the site results in being redirected to the site. I belief this is designed by Cox in order to get customers to pay an extra $10 for complete care who need to port forward. It’s a pretty disgusting business practice considering there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to login to my router and port forward myself. I was willing to play ball even when they wanted to make it one step harder by sending me to to port forward, so long as the site was accessible. However, now that the site is no longer accessible, I think this is a shameless way for a company to try to increase their bottom line. Very shady Cox, very shady indeed.