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5 years ago

Sharp Aqueous TV not connecting to the internet

I have tried and failed several times to connect my Sharp AqueousTV to my COX router - I go through the steps to find and connect to the internet, however, I get a "not connected to network" error when trying to launch an app or go online.

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    Wireless connection?  Are you entering your correct network password?  If you haven't changed your password since installing your router, it should be printed on an affixed sticker.

  • @Grace Pu. Are you getting any error messages when trying to attach the tv to the wireless network? Also, are you experiencing similar issues with other wireless devices in the home? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    the new panoramic combo unit? did you wait for it to complete it's auto setup?

    nothing from my panoramic connects directly to the tv, only co-ax coming in + hdmi cable from contour to tv.