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9 months ago

Screamed at by Cox

First, I would like to know how I could fill out a survey.

I was just really poorly treated by a lady name Jeanette.  More than happy to discuss with her manager. 

The situation is I am paying for 1GB, was getting 1 MB.  I called in on Sept. 22nd and talking to a very nice lady who was to send out someone to fix both inside and outside cabling, complete care.  I did not think they showed up as I did not get a knock on the door or a message that they arrived and what they had done while here.  

I called back into and proceed to get told off by Jeanette who snarkly replied that they do not "come to the door" on outside checks.  She said I was expected to call back in to report an issue.  Which was in fact what I was doing.   I am an expert in IT service management and managed help desks.   I would fire her on the spot.  There is no need for ugly mean people. 

She did not send me to get a survey but instead to an account representative.  

Very Very disappointed with the fact a company can take top dollar and provide such low quality service. 

Cox you can do better! 

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  • Hi Tmvan05m,


    I sincerely apologize for your experience when reaching out for support and I regret to hear you've been seeing such low speeds. I'd be happy to assist with all of your concerns. Please email my team at Please include your name and account info and a link or reference to this post. Thank you.

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    If you are in IT, can you share some data on the problem? Model modem and router? Signal levels and logs? Any packet loss or latency spikes? Wired vs Wireless? If wired, what is the connection rate of the NIC?

    Not to say there is any excuse for a representive to be rude, but when it comes to troubleshooting here, garbage in/garbage out.

  • Hello. We can certainly do this but you would need to reach out to us at so that we can go in depth and look at the account along with what we may see when we run tests.


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