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3 years ago

SCAM ALERT: Cox related scam (see description) - would help if COX had a easy way to verify a Cox phone number.

Scam alert: caller clams Cox modem not updating and that he needs to turn on services in my computer. He had me going, even loaded ultraviewer on my computer and he gained access.. I watch everything, seemed reasonable (at the time). Then he opened a note and typed his info and wanted mine. I came to my senses when he asked for my bank. Pushed power button and unplugged modem. Rebooted, uninstalled ultraviewer. Turned on modem. Flags I should have seen - did not have my complete Cox info, the phone call back number he gave me didn't match my caller ID,  and modem shouldn't need computer to update. Close call.

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    Computers, scam calls, sales people...we've all been there and probably got scammed.  Good for you and your persnickety awareness.  Must read for all newbs!