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5 years ago

Say goodbye to Cox- they are not worth it

Who is tired of Cox playing games and changing your rate whenever they feel like it? They gave me a new rate and guaranteed it for 12 months then raised it back up again the next month. I  was given a new rate to stay with cox and was suppose to be for 12 months. Then the next month they raise back up and will not honor the deal their employee gave me for 12 months. you have to back your employees words. They are horrible at keeping their word and think they are the only internet provider in town. Sadly they are mistaken and need to look at their policies and procedures. I wouldn't be so upset if they would have told me last month that they couldn't give me a better rate. I feel like they lied to me just to keep a customer another month. They don't have any morals and I have no problem leaving them

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