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10 months ago

Router locations.

When I bought this house there was a dish installed outside. But I'm not using the dish, I'm using COX internet. My router is currently plugged into one coax outlet which has fine connectivity. There are several other coax wall plates throughout the house. Would it work to move the router to any of the other coax outlets in the house, or is only one outlet active? I wasn't here when the router was installed.


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    There is no way to know for sure without either trying or studing the wiring. It's possible the other house coaxial wiring is wired to the dish. Try moving it and if it doesn't work, track the Cox wire from outside and see how it gets to the room the modem is in and compare that to the wiring going to the room you want the modem(AKA gateway). If you can't DIY, you can pay Cox for a modem relocate which I think is 60-100$.

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    Just try the other outlets to figure out if they are active.  Why do you want to move the router to a different location?