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11 months ago

Roku TV keeps losing connection to internet?

Since upgrading my service and renting Cox equipment, still intermittently, but daily, losing connection to internet.  It is NOT the location off the modem.  Tried two modems, both were part of the problem.  Tech #1 came out and changed outside box, one hour later Cox was down and fixing something.  Still problems.  Tech #2 came out and swapped it for a newer model Gateway.  At least this modem's fan doesn't run constantly.  Thought issues resolved, but now losing connection daily.  Pops up on Roku TV.  Yes, modem has been unplugged and reset.  This is a Cox problem!  Last tech could even get the box in the street open. 

Any one having any suggestions? 

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    First, are you only having problems with the Roku device or other devices/PC too? If all devices, post your signal levels. > User:admin password:password > Connection > Cox Network. If only wireless, does it effect 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz? This is assuming you have the different radios set to different SSIDs.

    "Last tech could even get the box in the street open. " Could you explain this? What box? Do you have underground wiring?

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      • Just happened again, 4th-5th time today.  Restarted modem via app last night.  Has Msnbc logo then says Network Error.  Please check your internet connection. Retry or Exit Application. 
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      Could you explain this?

      Perhaps the last tech not only found a lunchbox in the street, but could also get it open.