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6 months ago

Ridiculous Outages

3rd day in a row this time (that we know of, husband was in the hospital before that, it might have gone out then too)

So many days in the short time (3 months?) we've had this service at our new place. Tired of paying on time, and never having reliable service. No, we're not using to many devices, it's just two of us here. 

Going to check out CenturyLink tomorrow. Had their cheapest internet for two years in our old place, only once it went out, during a monsoon storm.

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    This is the same issue I've been dealing with ever since going with the new white modems. My black modem never had an issue. I'm on my 3rd modem now and I've had it with tech support. Same thing always. Check connections, reset power and then try scheduling a tech to come out for $75 just to replace my modem. Why am I paying to replace something I didn't break? I check my security and there is never any risks. 

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      Don't think modem is our problem, we've got the black "panoramic" thing. Seems to just be crappy in our area. 

  • I've been having issues for months as well. some days worse than others.

    With some networking background, I did some testing, and my issue is that Cox DNS servers aren't responding. meaning streaming, email, etc stops working. I can reach out via IP and things work fine. Indicating the issue isn't anything on my LAN side, the modem, Cox's upstream Internet peering connections, etc.  Today for the first time in a really LONG time, Cox's email servers (IMAP & POP3) have stopped responding

    Chat and Tier 1 tech support are worthless, as they follow an inappropriate script, and have apparently little to no technical knowledge, so when I respond clearly knowing more than they do, they give up. I've been a Cox Internet customer for around 25 years... (@Home for those that recall that far back)... and though there have been a few rough patches, Cox has been better than most in that timeframe. but without real competition and real leadership, Cox has gotten lazy and heading the route of Frontier

    An 'outage' can be lots of things... and with Cox's clueless front line tech support, it really helps to do some troubleshooting yourself. Not that all 'outages' are DNS related, but I suspect something is going on, and is probably more common than publicly acknowledged (as many home users don't know how to test for such). Decades ago, I wrote a simple script to test home network issues. I went looking for it, and couldn't find it... I may need to resurrect such a diagnostic tool. Cox's app is worthless when there is a Cox DNS Server failure to respond problem (app won't respond, doesn't have a test for that, is about as worthless as Cox's Tier 1 support team)... argh. 

    My suggestion, there are networking testing apps (beware malware) for mobile devices, and it becomes quick/easy to test various issues. I personally tested from command-line on PC until I realized my problems were Cox DNS Servers. I can now quickly test from phone/tablet when connectivity issues arise, and in the last few months, IP connectivity is fine, Cox DNS Servers aren't responding.

    my city recently announced a new fiber to the house initiative...which unfortunately will take a few years to build out. I can't wait until I have a choice (AT&T only offers my area pathetic DSL, even though telco  (then PacBell) installed fiber underground in neighborhood 40+ years ago)

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      I have been using Google DNS ( for a while. There is also OpenDNS( which is more configurable. See here on how to find which DNS is best for each connection.

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      Hello. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to