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2 years ago

Returned equipment lost by cox

I returned equipment during the summer of 2020 it was the height of the pandemic. I had to wear a mask, they made you stand outside in the hot Arizona summer and one by one you were allowed to drop off the equipment. I remember it because my son was with me and he was 12 at the time complaining about the heat. But I was not going to get charged for equipment because we had to buy a new router because Everyone was working from home. You lost my equipment and now I’m getting a 200 fee on my bill. Your customer service department can’t help and I have to wait 5 days to hear back from some departments that’s all the sudden going to find the retuned equipment. Has anyone been successful at getting this removed from the bill. I feel completely bamboozled. I hate this cable company but they have you by the labia because you can’t go anywhere else to get actual cable. They do not give the customer service department any actual authority, helpful solutions or tools to do their job. I’d hate to work for this company. 

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    I understand this was two years ago, but did you get a receipt from the Solution Store?  Returned equipment would be annotated on it.  This biggest question is why is Cox charging you two years later?

    You could contact the Consumer Protection agency for your state.