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2 years ago

Returned e-mail how do I find who they were sent to?

I have received 7 returned e-mails undeliverable with two attachments of dat files.  I cannot see who these returned emails were originally sent.  I see a date and time on the dat file but I didn't send an email on that date and time.  How do I find out who these e-mails were sent to or how to stop the returning emails?

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    I also have received several of these returned emails today. Not certain what to think. Usually emails that are undeliverable are returned to me rather quickly not after days. Don't think I want to download and open. 

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    Try reading the headers. See here for general instructions. See here on how to get headers if using Outlook. If you are using Cox webmail, use instructions below to get the headers and use the previous link to examine them.

    1. Select the email of which you want to view the source.
    2. Click More.
    3. Click View source.

    PS. The first link is for Yahoo but gives general information how to compare headers.