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4 years ago

Resetting modem

is resetting modem via Cox website the same as unplugging it from wall outlet?

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    No.  Unplugging a modem from a wall outlet is a reboot or restart.  Meaning, you'll reboot or restart the modem with its configuration as is.

    Resetting a modem from your Cox account would erase and reload its network configuration.  Also, resetting a modem from the recessed button on its chassis would reset to its factory default settings.  Meaning, it'd have the same settings as the day you unpacked it.

    There's another!  A re-provision is deleting your network account altogether and then recreating it.  Only Cox can re-provision.

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    there's a 3rd type & that's the one generated by the rep you're talking to. it will include updates, if needed..