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7 months ago

Reset hotspot modem

I'm having trouble connecting to the CoxWifi hotspot near 585 Union Avenue, Providence, RI 02909. Is it possible to reset the modem?

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    That looks like a business Hotspot so I am not sure Cox has permission to reset the modem as that would affect the business service. Try emailing Cox at with your account info and link to this post. Worse they can say is no. Good luck.

    PS. Welcome to the forum fellow Rhode Islander. 

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    Advanced support has to receive at least 2 separate complaints on the device to be able to reset it. 

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      Seems like a security loophole to me. Some camera systems are cloud based and require a internet connection to record or atleast view remotely. If I had a business, I wouldn't want someone resetting my gateway without my permission. Why if I am in the middle of a big download? Do they at least wait until after business hours? Then again maybe that is just even more of a reason not to use Cox equipment.

      More on topic, how do you reach "Advanced Support" now? I have heard from Reddit that the phone support is (atleast) partially outsourced and escalation is difficult.