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7 years ago

Remove ipv6 DNS server from cable connection

I'm trying to use my own internal DNS server and am having issues because my router is receiving an ipv6 DNS server from Cox. I have my own DNS server that utilizes both ipv6 and ipv4, but none of the ipv6 requests are making it, as they are using the following resolvers I am receiving from Cox:


Could you please remove the DNS information you are sending me. I'd like to handle all the DNS myself.

Thank you.

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  • kookster,

    If you'd like to use alternate DNS settings you'll need to configure your router to do so. IPv4 and IPv6 are typically configured separately in your router's settings.

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    Hi Colleen,

    I have already changed ipv4 dns settings on my router, but am unable to make ipv6 dns changes on the router.
    It will always default to the one given from the ISP.
    So I'd like it to be removed on the carrier side.

    Thank you

  • kookster,

    Our residential network is set up using DHCP. We are unable to remove you from the configuration. What router are you using? If we're unable to provide additional info for the device, perhaps another forum user will be able to chime in.