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4 years ago

Recent completely unreliable internet Service - TUSTIN

Daily outages, have multiple text records regarding this. Beyond the now daily outages, the Internet frequently drops for minutes at a time. Started happening within the last month. After the outage this morning, calling Cox just now when service went out for the 4th time again today their outgoing message said there is another outage now although Internet came back after a few minutes which happens about a dozen times during the workday. This was not a problem before but is completely unacceptable now. The most unreliable Internet service I have ever had. Is anyone aware of some equipment upgrades or other work that would cause such daily common disruptions? Can't get a complete answer through Text support, but get offered a paid upgrade every time!

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    This is very common as I have had the same thing happen for years!  If Cox wasn't the only high speed provider where I live, I would be gone in a heartbeat.