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6 years ago

Receiving increased SPAM that is NOT addressed to my email

The last two weeks I am receiving A LOT of spam emails that are not addressed to my email address.  Been with Cox for over 25 years and this has never happened before.  Please advise.  

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  • Hi Cre8ev. I can certainly understand your frustration at receiving lots of spam emails. When you are in Cox Webmail, mark each email as spam and it will delete and send the email to our Spam Department to help block them before getting to you. You can also create a filter that will delete unwanted emails too. I hope that this helps. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      no lisa.  this does NOT work.  i am going on a year with this new...fill in the blank...and i still get spam in my inbox & non-spam in my spam folder.  and they've been working a "ticket" on me for 3 weeks now (after i waited about 4 weeks for it to start) focusing on this issue. oh, and i've heard NOTHING from them nor do i notice any improvement.

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    I addressed this same issue in a post last week titled "Spam Infestation."  I use Outlook and it's painfully obvious these are spam with no evidence of legitimate senders and the bodies are pure gobbledygook.  My time is valuable and I shouldn't have to set filters and/or create rules to clean up what is essentially an issue on Cox's end.