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5 years ago

Random Disconnects While Gaming

I have no issues I can notice with lag at all gaming. But just random interverals I get disconnected. Its not long term its just I lose connection long enough to get booted from a game then I can log back into said game with zero issues. Its just getting really annoying now as some of the games I play now when I get disconnected I can't get back on to the same server I was just on. Its been happening for about a month now. I don't use wifi, I turned it off, and I got a direct connection to my modem now. 

I am not sure if maybe the modem is doing bad, or it could be the box on the telphone pole connected to my house, that is busted wide open looking like some one tampered with it. I mean heard of people in the past in this neighborhood having their cable boxes busted into by cable theives, and that messing up the internet, but I don't even know if that box with the cover popped open is for cable or something else.

Its just getting infurating I use to stream and do all this other stuff fine, I even got myself the 150 net set up which should be more then enough for just one pc connected to it. But now I just keep getting these issues. And its not just on my PC. I hooked up my playstation to the modem as well and it has issues on what use to be rare, now it seems to be at least once a day occorence where hulu will let me sign in then it will tell me it can't pull up anything from the net, then I will back out it will let me sign in same error message, and like 3rd try it runs fine. Or more annoyingly about 4 times a week it will just flat out drop connection just long enough that i can't stream a video beyond like 5 seconds with out it getting stuck in a loading bar for like 2 minutes, or just erroring out saying it can't connect again, then 5 mins later it works fine again.

I have run virus scans made sure nothing but my playstation, and my pc are on the network even going as far as unhooking the playstation, when using the pc, and turning off my computer when the playstation is running, and I still keep having issues holding a steady connecton.

Pic of the messed up looking box next to my house: 

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    This keeps happening to me.  I have a post about the CM1000 netgear router.  It keeps getting errors.  My wifi actually doest go out but it kicks me from games or what im streaming then about 4-5 minutes it comes back.  Happens a few times a day.  I have a tech coming saturday to see if there is interference or something in the lines.  This all started when i updated from 300mb to gigablast.

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      Me its not even wifi, I shut that off, I had a floor cover anyways for my vr headset, so just got a ethernet cable and ran it in the same floor cover. That is the annoying part in past I could just blame wifi

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        I am seeing a lot of random timeout errors on your modem. Short of checking the cable line for tightness and bypassing any splitters we will likely need a technician out to investigate further. You can send us an email at with a link to this thread and your home address if you need to setup an appointment.

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