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4 years ago

Random Disconnection - WiFi Pods

Good Afternoon Folks - 

Hoping you may of some assistance as I'm at my wits end with my Cox WiFi.  I have a ~1,200ft home with a Cox Modem/Router, and 3 internet pods.   A few weeks ago, I started experiencing issues where randomly the WiFi pods would disconnect and if I wasn't basically sitting on top of the Cox Modem/Router - then I wouldn't have connection in the house until they reconnected.   Sometimes this disconnection can happen 2-3x per day.

I've spoken with Tech support who told me that my Modem/Router had an issue/was outdated and I needed a new one.  I went to the local Cox store, turned my old on in/received a new Modem/Router (which strangely was a refurb of the same one I already had).  This didn't fix the issue.

Called tech support again a 2nd time who told me there's a problem with my connection to my house and they needed to send a tech out.  The Tech came out, reviewed everything including the connection to my house and all the wiring etc.. within my home and said everything was great!  He also had plenty to say that tech support had no clue what they're talking about

In the meantime... my pods continue to keep disconnecting, internet connection randomly goes down and I'm not sure what to-do here.   I also notice that the WiFi pods get VERY hot.

The Cox tech who came out basically compared this to going to my mechanic... if the car's not acting up while he's looking at it (e.g. my WiFi going out) then there's nothing he can do.  Thoughts?  I don't want to cancel and go to another ISP... but if this doesn't get any better I may be left with no other choice.

Thanks in advance!

Bill/Bristol, RI 

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    Considering how terrible their Panoramic experience is I can only imagine how awful WiFi pods are.  I definitely empathize on changing to another ISP, troubleshooting what is sold as their best experience pales in comparison to what they market against.  Much to their advantage, they often operate in under-served areas where it doesn't matter.   Fiber to the home is the way to go, Verizon operates FIOS in your area from what it looks like.

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      Thank you - The WiFi Pods did help with in-house coverage.... but just wish they'd stay connected.  Unfortunately, FIOS doesn't cover my area... only 1 other company (I3) does.   I'd prefer to stay with Cox as I also have home security with them.  It's going to be a pain to switch both.

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        @Webibeay, Your modem is up and running with a good signal at this time. I am also not seeing any latency/packet loss to the modem. Are you having this issue with just wireless connections or also with the wired ones? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.