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8 months ago

Proposed Revisions to Forums Platform

The following is a list of revisions needed to improve the usability of the Cox Community Forum.

  1. Allow users to delete their own posts and replies.
  2. Allow images to be copied and pasted into posts and replies.
  3. Identify the specific forum containing each discussion on the Community home page.
  4. Identify the last poster on the Community and forums home pages.
  5. Modify last poster and time since last reply to link to the last reply rather than the discussion.
  6. Flag discussions on the Community and forums home pages that contain unread posts.
  7. Correct or eliminate home pages "unread" count.  (It currently just duplicates the replies count).
  8. Create page and first/last page scrolls for Community and forums home page discussions.  (Currently, the only way to advance to previous discussions is to repeatedly click "Show More").
  9. Reduce the time period for locking discussions to avoid replies to years-old posts.
  10. Eliminate discussions from ‘Related Content’ that are more than 5 years old.  
  11. Modify automatic Sign out to occur only after a specified time since the last activity.  (Sign out occurs 60 minutes from Sign in, regardless of activity.  An HTTP 401 error sometimes occurs). 
  12. Create an automatic notification On/Off setting for discussions in which a user participated.
  13. Omit Forum notifications for a user's own posts and replies.
  14. Correct the Forum notifications issue that sometimes requires clicking 'Sign out' to refresh notifications.  ('Sign out' from Notifications only refreshes the screen.  The user isn't signed out). 
  15. Correct the issue that sometimes causes replies to disappear when ‘Reply’ is clicked.  (The missing reply may reappear after Sign out and Sign in again).
  16. Revise the process to link to a specific reply.  (This currently requires Sign out and Sign in).
  17. Include all selected boards in the ‘Follows’ section of ‘Follows and Notifications’ in My Settings.  (The ‘Internet’ board is omitted when ‘All’ notifications is selected).
  18. Create a function to change the parent of a user's own reply without changing the time of the reply. (This would be used to correct a reply posted to the wrong parent).
  19. Allow links to replies in discussions created on the previous Forums platform.

This is a partial list of Forum issues.  You may have identified others.  The hope is Cox will coordinate with their provider to address issues identified by Forum users.

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    A lot of individuals who've posted recently probably aren't even aware that many of the items listed were available with the previous Forums platform 3 months ago.

    11/24/2023: An original post item listed in error was deleted.

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    Don't have much to say other then I am not holding my breath. Good post either way though.

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      I was thinking more about the original post than my reply to you, but thanks.

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    #5 has been modified.  Last poster is still not included and time since last reply still links to the discussion.  But now, the page (sometimes) scrolls down to the last reply to the original post.  (If the last reply wasn't to the original post, it won't be at the top of the page after scrolling).  A better solution would be to link directly to the highest parent in the parent-child chain that contains the last reply or just link directly to the last reply.  It's better, but not quite there yet.

    #7 has been modified.  The "unread" count no longer just duplicates the reply count.  But it doesn't update after opening the discussion.  It's different, but not a lot better,