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4 years ago

Power outage

After a power outage my Cox panoramic modem wont connect. It shows device connection but nothing will connect. Could the coax cable have gone bad? And the best part is Cox says they can't see me for a week!! *** service for a high priced service!!

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    @Car Guy

    Sounds like the modem not getting a signal. You can try unplugging the power cord, unscrewing all ends of the coax cable for 2 minutes. Reseat the coax ends hand tight power up and look for the light on the modem to turn white if that does help try another coax outlet if available.

    Jonathan J
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       the modem is working because all of my devices are still connecting to it. Cox said they can't locate or get a signal to the modem. What could cause a coax line to fail due to a power outage? Also we work from home and my kids are home schooled. It'll be a week before a tech can come out

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        @Car Guy, I recommend trying a different cable line in the home and let us know the results. If that does not work, we may need to wait for the tech. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    reset from cox site or call to have cox reset/update pano unit.

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       tried all that. Cox can't detect a signal

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        We had an outage for 4 days. Turns out Cox overlooked our street when they restored service to the area after making repairs.  See if you can get a local tech to come out and check the service from the pole.