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4 years ago

port forwarding

When I got my panoramic router a month ago, the advanced page was as you would expect and I was able to setup several port forwarding rules.  However sometime since then they rolled out a software (think it's CGM4140COM_3.14p10s5_PROD_sey) that removes the page, and instead links you to "" - which if you are not the primary account holder redirects you to  

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    Hi Sysop, are you logging in using the primary username's credentials? If so, here's the path to take on both the Panoramic WiFi app and through the web portal:

    Network > Advanced Options > Port Forwarding > Add Port Forward

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I opened ports through panaramic wifi app, but when I go to, port testing doesn't seem working. how can I test that my ports are open and accessible? thanks.