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31 days ago

Port 5900

I need to open port 5900 so I can connect via VNC when I am out of town.  I believe I can tack on an extra charge to my service agreement to get expert help on this question.  TIA for any help you can provide on either issue.

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    port 5900 is already open, what you need to do is setup port forwarding on your router to the IP address oif the PC running VNC, so when you are out of town, you can point your laptop to the WAN IP on your router and it will then forward the request to the pc running VNC. 

  • I thought I'd just add that if you care about security in any way, you're basically putting a kick me sign on your home PC if you do this.  VNC is not secure and anybody watching your connections will be able to see the password you use.

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      There's a LOT of truth to this, VNC is really not very secure. I would look at teamviewer, or remotePC by Idrive. (It's not free, but really inexpensive and far more secure than vnc.

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        In all fairness, VNC can still be useful in cases such as this but I would only suggest using VNC in conjunction with a remote access VPN solution of some sort so that at least the VNC port isn't directly exposed to the whole of the Internet.