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3 years ago

Poor Details on Usage Data

This is not much of a question, unless you have a way to view detailed usage stats via web, app, or router? But, upon writing this, I don't see that as an option.

It would be wise for Cox to improve on the usage stats, especially when they want to limit how much their customers use the internet. Giving us percentages(%) of daily/monthly usage per device is not helpful in any way, and in fact does nothing for the customer in determining how to limit their usage. There's not even any information on how much data is even being used in a day, so what is a percentage supposed to tell me? For exmaple:

  • Family A has 3 users on the network, each with 2-3 devices connected at any given time throughout the day.
  • Overall stats show User 1 used 43% of the data, User 2 used 14%, and User 3 also used 43% of the data.
  • The only logical outcome is that User 1 and User 2 use more internet than User 2, but there is no way to determine how much of that data is being used due to the fact that we don't have a value of the total usage for that day. It could 100GB, it could be 50GB, or it could even be something crazy like 500GB, but we wouldn't know...

As you are I'm sure aware, determining usage statistics for a network with multiple connections is difficult, even with a computer, unless you really know what you're doing. And even then, you can only see what you're computer is doing, or any other device that has some type of GUI interface. If you expect your customers to go to each device to determine this, when you clearly keep track of these stats, is downright deplorable for a utility company to provide such weak service. In addition, being that you limit how much one can use in a month, it should be illegal to give your customers such a limited function, and limited insight, on what the issue could be.

I used to be the guy who said Cox was a good service, but I strongly can't say that anymore. You're service is **/garbage, and your provided services for your customers to manage their service is just as bad.

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