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6 months ago Email being blocked

I have been a subscriber of the email redirection service since 1994 and a subscriber of Cox Internet since 1998. I regularly send emails via my Pobox account to my father-in-law who uses Cox's email. The last email to reach my father-in-law's mailbox was December 24, 2023, since then email from POBox has been blocked. I opened a support ticket with POBox and they informed me that Cox is responding with:

250 2.0.0 <> sender rejected. Refer to Error Codes section at for more information.

I do not send spam from this email address, and neither does my wife, whose Pobox address is also being blocked. I am not the owner of the Pobox domain, as it is a commercial forwarding service. I would like to work with Cox in unblocking mail from me, my wife, and other PoBox subscribers.

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    That error means the sender's email address itself was rejected, NOT the email. Basically they have to remove the address itself from the rejection list, as the server it came from is still acceptable. 

    Try forwarding an email to "" and give it a day then test. 

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    That is a weird error message. I can't find it in the list of error codes and when I searched Google I found it could mean "Requested mail action completed and OK" which doesn't seem relevant. You can try to get a escalated ticket by emailing Cox at but many things are changing with the transition to Yahoo. Perhaps this is one of them. Any problems sending to Yahoo domains?

    PS. Please remove your email address for privacy. This is a public forum.