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11 months ago

Phoenix area outage 08/18/23

Internet and TV were out from 5:30 AM (maybe earlier) to 2:00 PM.  Since the repair was completed, internet is spotty.  The modem does not go offline, but sites do not open (Server not responding) or only partially open (text appears but not graphics).  When I try again in 30 seconds to a few minutes, the sites sometimes open, or I have to wait longer before the sites open, even this Cox Forum site.  Did the repair not entirely solve the problem?

Also, since we were down for more than four hours, will we automatically be credited on our next bill or do we have to submit completed forms to get a refund on the outage?

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    This is a forum for cox customers to assist one another, if you want a credit, you will need to contact someone at Cox.