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2 months ago

Performance is poor

You would think for what you pay a month just for Internet that the service would be at least above subpar, but I can’t even say that.  It’s sad. Cox again loves to take the government subsidies, our tax money then theyraise our rates.  I can’t even get through a single episode while streaming a show without buffering,  Honestly I’m seriously thinking about just getting hotspots through my cell carrier because they’re free. If I’m gonna have buffering, I shouldn’t be paying Cox for it, that’s for **bleep** sure. I’m definitely going to start posting this crap to the Internet and let people know what a poor quality company. Cox really is. 

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  • Hi LoranHenry6088, thank you for reaching out to the Social Media Team and being a valued Cox family member. I work from home, so I know how important it is to have reliable internet service. I am happy to check your area's status and troubleshoot internet service issues. Please private message us with your complete home address and your first/last name to get started. Thank you for your patience, 

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    I can second this complaint. Every so often the Internet performance drops considerably. Observed symptoms include lengthy video buffering and (separately) Cox blocking / throttling many web sites but not all of them. When my browser reported "Site xxx is not available / took too long to respond" I opened a CMD window and was able to ping each and every one of them. Timing was very reasonable, 10ms to 15ms each, proving my Wifi, my router and the website itself were OK. Still, Cox did not pass through the other internet protocols (http, https, etc.), thus blocking them.  A call to the Cox tech support was useless. I was told to [a] call the modem/router tech support, or [b] pay Cox $10/month for access to their expert tech support. The tech support agent told me they see Internet working so from their perspective the problem must be on my end.

    Neither answer addressing the underlying clear issue.  The internet connection came back to a reasonable behavior after a couple of hours - no obvious reason why it happened initially or what brought it back.

    We should receive quality and reliable internet connection for the fees Cox collects.