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10 months ago

Panoramic wifi

Every single time I try to order panoramic Wi-Fi DIY kit, the order just sits there saying "need pro install". Why even offer the DIY kit if you are gonna make me wait for some tech to install it? It's just a modem/router device in one. I know how to install it myself. So frustrating!!

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  • Hello Weebs, I  completely understand how frustrating it can be whenever there is a restriction on the installation process, You may want to reach out to our Sales Team to see if there is a self-install process. Our Sales Team is available online through Live Chat:  


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      I've tried to chat multiple times and no one could help me. 

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        Hello, I can understand the frustration.  As it would appear to something very simple to install yourself.  The issue more than likely is that the address in our system.  Does not qualify you to perform the self-install, and wants it to be installed by a tech.  As Mike stated, it would be best to contact sales directly.  You can call our online sales team directly for assistance with any order at (855) 261-0815.  Another option would be to visit any local Solutions Store for assistance.  If we can assist with anything after the installation.  Please reach out to us anytime.  As we are always happy to help. 

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    I say ditch the Panoramic kit and buy your own. More secure, more control, and no monthly cost.