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4 years ago

Panoramic WIFI Modem needs to be factory restored every 6-8 weeks

Hi there! I started using COX internet in April of this year. I'm using Cox Wifi Modem Model CGM4140COM (or at least that's the Model Name from the COX App). My speeds and connection are fine most of the time, except that about every 6-8 weeks we lose all connection to internet while the wifi is still on and active. What that looks like:

  1. Modem shows a solid white light, indicating all is well in the kingdom
  2. Devices in house (computers, smartphones, game systems, etc.) can connect to the WIFI network without issue
  3. If I try to connect with the internet on any of the devices connected to the WIFI Network, I cannot reach the internet
  4. For cellular enabled devices, when disconnecting from the WIFI Network I can then reach the internet just fine

Resetting the Modem doesn't resolve the issue. Unplugging for 10 minutes and then plugging back in doesn't resolve the issue. The only thing that has resolved the issue is completely factory restoring the modem using the little button on the back and setting everything up again using a new Network Name (can't reuse the old one as that confuses all the devices previously connected using that name). I've gone through this routine 3 times now over the year. I contacted COX Support via chat who reset the router again but never suggested factory restoring (I just did that on my own).

In short, is anyone else seeing this or has anyone else seen this? If so which steps did you take? Did you just go with a third-party modem/router instead? Or did you have your Modem replaced by COX? Thanks!

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