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9 months ago

Panoramic wifi keeps resetting itself.

For the past 2 days, the panoramic wifi keeps resetting itself.  It will be up and running for about 5-10 mins but then reboot itself.  Cycle thru red, blinking green, green, blinking white and then white.  After about 5-10 of internet service it starts all over again.   I tried calling multiple times with no help other than send a reboot signal.  I went into the store and swapped panoramic wifi boxes and same thing.  Called again and the rep asked me to unplug the wifi. Seriously?!  It a brand new box!!!  Well try unplugging the coaxial cable.  ITS A NEW BOX!!    does anyone have any idea why our service keeps dropping?   According to the reps our signal is "fine"    I work from home and this is not okay.   Any clues?  TIA

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  • Hi sharney26,


    Feel free to reach out to us for help through Twitter, CoxHelp, or Facebook. We can help troubleshoot the issue and we will need your account information. Please do not post any personal account information here. Please include a link to your forum post in your message to us. 


    Thank you,