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2 years ago

Panoramic wifi APP

I didn't think I would have no many issues with the panoramic app. Two weeks ago, I made an official move and a tech came to install wireless boxes, which I didn't know existed. I down loaded the panoramic app and at first everything was fine. Then all of a sudden, 3-4 days later all of that changed. I spoke to a total of 7 cox techs who didn't help me at all. Here are my issues... I can't pause a device, the app continues to show "screen time" when the device is off, my television could be on for about an hour and the app states it hasn't been on for 16 hours. The active time, when set doesn't pause during the hours I set it. Devices pause on their own automatically and then I can't unpause them. The list goes on. I've uninstalled and then reinstalled so many times as advised by ALL the techs. 1 customer care tech said "Well you already turned your phone off for a minute, there's nothing else that I can suggest". He then put me on hold and transferred me to a different department. Which this department was billing. She told me he was part of the Cox Complete Care and "knew" more than her. Please keep in mind I haven't started to stream anything. At this point it's only TV based. Unfortunately, my landlord doesn't want a dish or satellite on their property. Has anyone dealt with something like this? Any suggestions? 

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