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4 years ago

Panoramic modem fan noise

Is the Panoramic modem supposed to run constantly and have a fan noise that never shuts off? Is this normal or should it be replaced?

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      Is yours even plugged in?

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        if it was unplugged, i wouldn't be able to comment!!

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    Yeah, there is a noise in my panoramic modem but it seems ok to me, not too loud.

  • Did you resolve your issue? I also have a problem with fan noise and swapped for a new modem and this second one has the exact same problem. I have plenty of open space around it and don’t want to go back and have to try a third modem!

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    Same for me. It's way louder than any desktop pc I've had and really annoying... Is there any point in getting it exchanged or will the new one be just as bad? Probably... Maybe have to buy a 3rd party modem for $150 :(

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      We got a panoramic modem from Cox yesterday. Same problem. Constant low hum. Very annoying. Are they all like this???

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        Hi Scrappy,
        All Panoramic modems do not make this annoying noise. You can always go to a local Cox Solutions Store and get it swapped out.

        Ben S.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Any moderator claiming that this isn't an issue is flat out lying....I am going to attempt to go back to the modem I replaced since I haven't sent it back yet.

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        maybe the moderator's are right, i'm 18" from my pano unit, can't hear the fan.