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2 years ago

Pano app will not update new static IP address

As stated in the title, I have set a static IP on my PC for port forwarding reasons. I set them in my PC, my Bitdefender box, etc and they’re even set and recognized in the web based Cox gateway. All is well until I am notified by the modem/gateway settings page the only way to port forward is in the app. No worries, I previously had set them for the same PC using DHCP. The big problem is now whenever I go to make a change the address still stays as the previous address. I have deleted it, removed it, offloaded and  reloaded it, I did all this with the new addy and more and yet no matter what I do every device says that it is on the new address except for the panoramic app. Options?

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    Hi SBcowboy,

    I am sorry to hear that you have had trouble with the app. When you say "I have deleted it, removed it, offloaded and reloaded it", are you referring to the IP address? If you are could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app itself?

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