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4 years ago

Panaromic wifi, how can I select the 2.4 GHZ and 5.0 GHZ. my devices are connecting to 5.0 but need them on 2.4

I have a device that does not support 5ghz and need to change to 2.4 but I dont see any settings that allow me to do this on the Cox Panaramic wifi.   Please help. 

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  • You should be able to see just your 2.4Ghz network if that is the case. Depending on your settings, the name of the network may be exactly the same as the 5Ghz network. You can configure your panoramic wifi settings through Cox panoramic app on a mobile device or at

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      not necessarily, i've got 2 older dell laptops that won't connect to the 5/2.4 panoramic wi-fi.

      workaround: i run one of the rj-45 cables out of the panoramic modem/router to the router i supplied, before getting the pano modem.

      both laptops connect but download speeds are very slow, compared to the pano modem on both hardwired + wi'fi.

      i still see fast dl speeds on my wi-fi only galaxy s5 thru the pano router..