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2 months ago

Outsourcing Issues

Yesterday, my internet was not working and I couldnt log into work. Our technical support had me reboot the modem but nothing happened. I called Cox and the recording stated that  there were updates and maintenance  being performed and that some users were unable to connect to the internet. All I needed was a transcript or email stating the same so that I could submit to my employer. I called and was told there was no outage in my area and that we could trouble shoot. I tried to explain that there was NO outage.

I rebooted my modem with three different agents from three different countries. Two promised to send an email which I never received. I called a total of six times and was hung up on three times when the agents didn't know what to do.

All I need is to get IN WRITING, that there was maintenance and updates being performed on 3/15 in the morning hours.

I do not want my job to be negatively affected by this.


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  • Hi jaytupo, 


    I definitely understand since we work from home as well. I am sorry this was your experience. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name and address for assistance. Please include a link to this forum as well.