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6 years ago

Outlook 2016 continually prompts for username and password constantly and will not sync

And, it's back.  And almost exactly the same time this year as last.  Outlook is constantly asking for password.  Using Outlook 2016.  The connections are all correct, I don't want to go through that again.  It's worked fine for the past 6 months or so then all of a sudden it's starts with the password thing again.  This is really getting annoying.

Chris Lagemann

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    Hello Punster,

    We can confirm what the settings should be in the email client. Once the settings are confirmed and the issue continues, we are not able to offer any additional support for a third party program. There are different setting requirements for the email client and it only take one being wrong to cause an error. Changing the options to something different than what is provided by us is not recommended. Please use this link and pay close attention to the server name, port number and security type. If the settings are correct and you are still having issues, we suggest contacting your email client provider for further trouble shooting steps. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.