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4 years ago

Outages, slow connections and agents insisting on adding the protection plan

I live in Niceville and have had internet issues for the better part of 3 weeks now. I had a technician come out after going through all the trouble shooting recommendations and even he could not explain the inconsistent speeds. I pay for the Gigablast which should be running around 900mbps / 34mbps  but I am only getting 200-400 & 1-3... Cox replaced the modem on Monday... It is Friday and back to square one.

I tried to talk to a tech support agent but all they wanted to do is sell me the protection plan without even listening to or reading what I was reporting via text. I finally had to call and wait to talk to yet another agent to get yet another service call to my house for the exactly problem they supposedly fixed on Monday. I have been with COX for 10+ years but the support is beginning to resemble AT&T...

What is COX going to do about me not receiving the internet package I am paying for? Do I get to send partial payments for partial services received?

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    This is a common story I’m afraid. It’s not the pandemic, it’s poor decision making by a company that continues to devalue the consumer. I spent 3 more hours talking to Cox today. I’ve logged 30 hrs in the past 5 weeks dealing with Cox. Whether it be an on-site tech or waiting on hold, it’s been a draining experience. That said, I can’t let others fall prey to predatory business practices. DO NOT BELIEVE the “we may charge $75 for an on-site tech” nonsense. It’s very clear that Cox is pushing their “Complete Care” support package. Support Agents, social media specialists, and even technicians are pushing it. Do not fall into the trap. The $75 fee for a technician is erroneous. I have multiple confirmations in writing from various departments within Cox. The $75 fee is only applicable if the issue lies with your own equipment (meaning hardware you actually own).  

    Keep track of the days you experienced loss of services but don’t wait until the end of the month to ask for a credit. Ask for it every 4 days  ($50 is the limit to what a tier 1 agent can grant you in my experience) and it’s roughly $8.77 a day for internet/TV/phone hence every 4 days to keep it under $50  

    Good luck. You are not alone  

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    You aren't getting anything from Cox for "partial services received". You really can't prove it, can you? During this pandemic a lot of people are at home using up more internet bandwidth saturating Cox's internet infrastructure. Expect considerable fluctuation in speed and also possible packet loss at times.

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    I apologize for the frustration you’ve been experiencing with your Cox internet and would like to investigate. When you have a moment please email your full name, address, and a link to this thread send it to

    Jonathan J
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