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2 months ago

Outages for a whole day?

My zip is 85225 in Chandler AZ. Our service has been down for almost a whole day. No customer service support. The projected time of "fix" is getting pushed out constantly. I can't imagine a first world where this happens. I'm using my data plan on my phone and will be consuming our fast data quickly. It'd be nice to get some sort of break on our bill. If they know it's going to take a whole day, they should let us know so we can make alternative plans. Pretty ridiculous. I will be changing providers. 

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    I fully agree with you. I'm in Mesa and there are outages multiple times a week. I was due for a new modem so I went and got one but can't even connect it. Cox service has went down the tubes. I can't wait until Google fiber is done installing in my area. God willing it has to be better than this, maybe a string and two tin cans would be better at this point 🤦🏻‍♀️

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