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6 months ago

Not getting 2Gb speeds

I just bumped my speeds from 1GB to 2GB in Henderson, NV.

My speedtests ( are running the exact same on the new 2gb speed as the old 1gb speed.

I am going straight from the PW8 (port 4) to my PC on the supplied CAT6 cable. 

My Ethernet card is 2.5gb, and I changed the setting for MAX speed from 1.0Gb to 2.5Gb full duplex

On the Cox Wifi App, it is saying that I am getting the full 2Gb to my gateway.

Cox sent out a 3rd party technician, but they are unable to test for speeds higher than 1Gb (which is weird).

Curious if anyone else had the same experience.

I am currently trying to get a COX technician to come out.



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    First thing to check is the connection rate of your NIC. I will assume you have Windows OS unless you state otherwise. If not 2.5Gbps then something is either wrong with the NIC, ethernet or gateway. If that is good, maybe something on your network is using the extra bandwidth. Try putting the gateway in bridge mode, but make sure your test PC is the only thing plugged in via ethernet to the gateway. If that doesn't work, my guess would be a issue with how the gateway is provisioned. Try calling and asking for Tier 2(AKA CAG) to see if they can check your gateway's configuration file. Last, check your signal levels and make sure you have 2 downstream OFDM channels and 1 upstream OFDMA channel. If you don't your area isn't ready for 2Gbps yet. To see signal levels, go to > user;admin password;password (unless changed) > Connection > Cox Network. You will have to scroll down a bit but the downstream and upstream data should be there.

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    Verify your network link is running at 2.5 mbps, like WMO has suggested. Also try