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5 months ago

No shipping

So cox cant ship a modem... instead i gotta waste my time to go to a store to replace a modrm i have paid for FOR 8 YEARS.... YALL CANT AFFORD A STAMP? This bish been paid off for 7 years but yall still collecting a fee. You want me to go to a store that opens at 10am.. this is why people say yall suck. **bleep**, yall could drop it on the porch like an amazon man.  Most inconvenient internet company, at least att can put crap in a box!! 

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  • Hi, woodrow7777 

    I can see how this would be frustrating. I'd like to help. Since your topic isn't one our community can help with, please email with your full name and complete street address and a reference to this forum post. Please know I'll be locking this thread.