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8 months ago

new email system

Under this new system/look
1. how do I take an item in the Inbox - unread - and move it directly to Trash?
2. how do I take multiple unread items in the Inbox and move all of them, at the same time, to Trash?
Thank you
Bob Hunt

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    Go into settings - the little gear.   Look for List Options, you will see Checkboxes, select that, and the checkboxes will be back. 

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    @Bob Hunt  This new email is NOT user friendly.  It was so nice to have the boxes on the left side of the old email to check and be able to erase multiple email at once.  NOW its so much more difficult. The only thing that keeps happening is my screen print gets huge when I try to click on multiple items to move to trash. I HATE the new email!  I want an easy way to move multiple items to trash as well!!!

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      have you tried going into settings?