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4 years ago

Neighborhood Congestion Issue

First of all, Cox service is really disappointing. My neighborhood is highly congested in the nodes and I called numerous times asking when they'll be able to come and they haven't given me a clear answer and only gives me such broad answers. I have high ping and high packet loss that is resulting in only 10 mbps when my bill is signed up for 150. This isn't even 10% of the download speed I should be getting. I talked to numerous representatives and they dont know when the department can come to fix my neighborhood node congestion. It is really annoying and frustrating because this issue is affecting my school academics as I do online school and I cant peacefully play my game and have been waiting for months to fix this issue. It is sad that I alerted cox of this issue and for months, nothing has changed. 

So, I beg please, can the department come to my neighborhood and clear the node congestion. Please? Im literally begging and asking countless times and all this is doing is tiring me out and frustrating me. So Cox, please be on your A-game cause numerous customers have the same problem as I do and it seems as if you guys are not doing anything to be quite frank. So please help out your customers and give us the mbps and low packet loss we signed up for because we are still paying the same amount for our bill when in reality, the service is not even close to how much we are paying. So, please Im asking that Cox will be better and help out more and reach out more and actually start fixing this node congestion issue because Im tired of waiting and saying the same thing when you guys are not doing anything

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    I’ve filed a FCC complaint previously on the same Issue. They are reluctant to change anything at the backbone. I will support you in continuing to beat the drum at the highest levels. 

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    I have been battling Cox on these issues for just under a year now since COVID started. The problem is nearly all of their nodes that your modem is directly connected to are well over 100% utilization which causes incredible packet loss and spikes. The internet speeds usually aren't effected but the latency and packet loss is definitely noticeable. There are two things you can do and that is to file an FCC complaint about the packet loss and you will be able to talk to their actual engineers who are "diligently" working to split these nodes to help with saturation. They will probably give you some date that is months and months away when your node will be fixed and they get away with this without even a slap on the wrist because they have a "plan" to fix it. The ISP monopoly has been a travesty for years and COVID has only made it much worse and noticeable. The second thing you can do is go to to ask for a settlement to reduce your bills or pay you back for their service they aren't able to reliably provide. Don't take the first offer because it will be very low for what they actually deserve from this country wide failure.