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2 years ago

need help creating regex spam filter rules

Please do not post a link to cox "help" or suggest I call or email cox because they aren't helpful.

how do you create regex rules?

what is the syntax?

I've tried several times AND googled regex and came away very confused.

I have seen examples in other posts here and tried some of those, and they do not seem to work.

when I create them either they send EVERYTHING to a folder I request or NOTHING.

really the spam filter options are garbage.

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    I do remember Cox webmail being around for a while; however, I didn't use it until the security of my older version of Outlook became obsolete.  I remember different variations of Cox webmail, such as Classic and Enhanced, and Cox used to administer webmail.  Cox now contracts their webmail.

    Regex in these older posts probably worked in the earlier incarnations of Cox webmail.

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      The reason I want to use their filtering is that my wifes email has become  inundated with spam.

      the automatic spam filter for cox does not work well. I want to stop them before they get to the inbox. also I am not getting notifications to replies here even though I have subscribed to my own thread.

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        You can't do what you want to do.  But there are things you can do.  

        1. Set your Spam settings to "No Spam filtering".  Spam filtering just redirects some email to the Spam folder.  It still needs to be reviewed in case Cox sent a wanted email to Spam.  

        2. Create this Filter Rule: 

        Condition:  From    Contains newsletter               Action: Discard

        That one rule should significantly reduce Spam that hits your Inbox.

        3. Review Spam you receive and add rules similar to the one above for the worst offenders.  Continue to do that and Spam will be reduced.