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3 years ago

NEED - Internet for creators

I am a content creator and I've been getting slightly larger jobs that are requiring building & uploading larger files. 

I'm finding that Cox Cable internet only offers plans for people who sit at home and consume content all day, but nothing for people with more of an upload need. 

Cox, I know you're a corporate business, but I'd like to ask that you consider flexing your targeted marketing muscles and developing some packages on Cable internet that allow for more balanced Upload speeds. The fact that I can pay more for up to 940Mbps of download speed and it comes with only 35Mbps of download speed is insulting. I'd like to ask you to pretend that it's 2021 and that the internet is not just a place for consumption, but for creation. 

I know you're working on building out fiber, and that does quite clearly solve the issue with properly symmetrical speeds, but come on. We need a stop gap here. I want to give you more money to have faster uploads. Please help. 

FWIW, I'm located in New Orleans, LA. 

Please help. 

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    I understand there's a bit of a technology limitation involved, but come on. These tubes can do more than this. Let me pay you to take off the brakes.