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6 years ago

Name and Timezone reset in settings

Once again First and Last names were reset to XXXX  ( Also the timezone was reset to New York EST. us out Cox

This 3rd time in 3 months that these changes are made by the system (on all of my email accounts at cox).

Not to say that Copy/Paste is still broken in the "Compose" function.

Help us out Cox!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Tom2001,

    I am sorry to learn of your troubles. Have you tried turning off the HTML/graphical editor in the settings? This should help. Do you have your browser set to clear your cookies upon exit?

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Yes, if you set the editor to "Plain Text" you can paste into the message but you loose all formatting that the "HTML" setting would have provided (i.e. font color size underline, etc.)

      Clearing cookies does not change anything. Tried on multiple browsers. Tier 2 Cox Tech support says the 3rd party provider of webmail is aware of it. Got a ticket number and was told to check in with them from time to time.

      The other issue about resetting my name and timezone continues to happen every few months.

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        Former Moderator

        Which username are you having this problem with and what operating system and browser are you using?