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4 years ago

My thread now is Locked.. Lame!

This thread 

This problem of mine was way before the Covid mania hit. I had this problem for years. It's not as bad from 5 years ago but it was there when it's there. Now that people are streaming so much, face timing, video calling what you ma call it, I experienced the "often" packet loss barrage November of 2019. Blaming the Covid pandemic isn't acceptable. They say every issue is a case to case basis, now they enter dictatorship they put us in one forum thread with lame instructions that everybody did but still is not working. Where is the case to case basis now when yall just verify the answer and lock it even though there was no "solved" issue?

I did my part of reporting to FCC just to put in there.

This is what happens when monopoly and "city deal" comes to play. Which means cox went to your little town, told the city that cox will provide power lines and all types of sponsorship and structures but cox will be the only ISP that is reasonable enough to provide. Your little city saves a lot of money from power lines and all that, and your city has more money saved up by not spending any power lines or structures that cox has given. 

I do have another choice but the other choice is $50 dollars from atnt with 10mb down and 1mb up. I pay $83 for 150mb down and 10mb up for cox. I want a bang per buck what ever choice i have. ALSO! what's funny, I tried to hotspot my cellphone service from straight talk, which is basically atnt towers. I have high ping than normal cabled line like, 30-60+ ping, but guess what? NO PACKETLOSS AT ALL! It is not stable internet but at least my packets are being sent. Imagine being a cable line, getting packetloss and then a normal LTE signal can beat the ** out of it.

DO your part by filing a report to FCC:

Hopefully starlink will launch sooner than expected.

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    I am telling every single person I know, and I see asking for help on twitter, reddit, local, and other sources to file FCC complaint.  Cox is the only ISP in the US that is legit a dumpster fire right now.... Nothing is perfect because of the virus, but Cox is the only ISP across 18states, and 6.2million people that is failing to provide functioning internet!!!

    Word is spreading and Streamers, Gamers, Reddit.... Everyone is telling everyone to file FCC complaints.... We will have a class action against cox soon at this rate, for dropping the ball so hard, in the USA's time of need!!!

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      I filed complaint with FCC on April 2nd. Funny , yesterday cox rep managed to give me a call about it. I havn't call them back yet because I know  I would be yelling at them for keep lying into my face about their incompetency. So I went to try online game again around 4 - 8 pm. Turn out my ping didn't lag at all. Maybe all it takes is to have FCC get involved.

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    Oh yeah, they locked up all posts regarding to packet loss issue and posted useless trouble shooting link for us to go do. What a joke! When all this virus calm down. I will go with Century link instead. Also they got a nerve to charge me $10 for activating new modem that I put up. 

  • Bruce I'm in the same boat as you, I remember you posted on my forum post and that post has been locked too. I filled a FCC complaint and they told me they weren't planning on fixing my neighborhood infrastructure this year. Only options seem to be either move or switch ISP's, if you even have that option :/