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8 months ago

Moving computer from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6

Got a new gaming computer that can support WiFi 6.  Plug it in, getting it all set up.  WiFi decides it doesn't like the computer.  Everything else in the room and even on the same desk works perfectly fine with fantastic signal.  So I think maybe the WiFi card needs to switch to the WiFi 6 channel on my Panoramic, which I set up when I got the modem a while ago.  I can't adjust any of it through the admin portal.  Not the name of the WiFi 6 part of the network, not which channel the new computer is on, nothing.  It tells me it has to go through, which only tells me to download the app.  I have the app on my phone and it offers NONE of those options.  How the heck am I supposed to switch it?  And why would everything else on this desk work fine on the WiFi 5 with full signal except this?  It doesn't make any sense (no the network card isn't broken.  I tried it in another room and the computer worked fine).


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    Could have something to do with band steering. See instructions here and check off the box for "Split bands". Requires the app. I hear the iOS version of the app works better if you have the choice.

  • Hello Nyxee. I'm sorry to hear that are having issues with connecting your device to your router wirelessly. I know how that can be frustrating. I would be as well. I'd like to help. All WIFI devices are WIFI backwards compatible so you shouldn't have to change any settings. Something else on that device is probably causing the issue. If your using the correct password for the WIFI connection I would then look at any software on the device that could be causing a blocking. It's usually going to be something that deals with security like a security software program.