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2 years ago

Move Modem/Router to different room.

I’m an internet only customer and need to move the modem router to a different co-ax connection. I tried the one in the living room but there’s no internet. when I looked in the box outside, I see one wire coming from the pole and it connects to a splitter with one output going to the house. Then there are 3 other wires just disconnected in the box. Can I just change this until the street cable is connected to the LR? 

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  • Hello, Scesposito.

    We don't typically encourage customers to change the wiring outside. I'd love to have a tech come look at this for you. Please send an email to with your account info (full name, complete street address,) a link to this thread, and the details of your concerns and we'll be happy to help.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator