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3 years ago

Modem Firmware Update

It looks like my Netgear modem needs an update. I spoke to a service rep and they want to charge me $10 a month to sub to care plan just so I can update my netgear modem firmware. Pretty frustrating, is this normal? I would update the firmware myself like I do on my router but netgear informed me the modem update needs to be pushed by the ISP. 

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    Having the same issue. They said if I dont pay $10 a month they will charge me $70 for a one time visit. Am I forced to go with their tier 2 support just to have a firmware upgrade? 

    Oddly, last month cox showed up to my house unannounced saying I have a loose modem connection and it was messing everyone elses internet in the neighborhood, although mine was fine. I feel like I should charge them $70 dollars to come in my house next time.