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29 days ago

Modem allows wired connection but not wireless?

I just recently got a panoramic wifi gateway from Cox and when I initially set it up I had no issues; however, late last night my modem suddenly disappeared from all of my devices and I could not reestablish connection. It wouldn’t even show up as an option on the list of wireless connections. My xbox is connected via ethernet cable and works fine, but nothing else can connect. I’ve already troubleshooted, reset, unplugged and plugged everything back in, and even had an online agent troubleshoot it. Nothing works

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    Hi! I'm sorry to hear your wifi connection disappeared from all devices. If you've performed a factory reset, you may need to look for the network name printed on the device label in your available wireless networks, then try managing your wifi in the panoramic wifi app to reconfigure your network. You can find the steps to configure your network at If you need additional assistance please email with your full name, complete street address and a link to your forums post with a description of the trouble you're having.