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2 years ago

Modem / Speed

I have Gigiblanst and a Cox supplied Modem, Cox confirmed 980 into the modem, however hardwire speedtest is showing 450, Is this a Modem issue and am I better off with my own modem ?

we also work from home and notice lags thru the day, and at times get kicked off then back on, like being throttled 

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    is this the Panoramic?  Are you hardwired to the "modem" or are you testing via WiFi?

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        Try putting your PC in "Safe mode with networking", and see if you get a much faster speed. I have seen a number of computers with background processes that slow them down considerably. 

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    When you perform a speedtest, you should have only one device hardwired to the Panoramic and turn off WiFi.  You want the one testing device to have all the available bandwidth.  Depending on your version of USB, a USB port may also restrict your measurements.